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Welcome! The Nymi band is a wristband that enables persistent identity for the wearer. The Nymi uses a wearer's unique elctrocardiogram (ECG) as a biometric identifier, much like a fingerprint. Once authenticated with the wristband, the wearer remains authenticated until the wristband is taken off.

In addition to authentication, the Nymi band provides a number of other features (such as accelerometer data) for developers to encorporate into Nymi Enabled Applications (NEAs). NEAs are applications that run on Bluetooth-equiped devices such as smartphones, desktops, cars, etc. and integrate with the Nymi band via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

NEAs are developed using the Nymi SDK and can take advantage of the Nymi band's capabilities to personalize experiences for end users based on their identity. This SDK documentation enables developers new to the Nymi to come up to speed quickly and acts as a reference for developers already familiar with the Nymi SDK.

To start developing with the Nymi, it is valuable to first understand the core concepts of the Nymi band as a device and the major components of the SDK. The list below provides a natural progression for getting started with Nymi band development.

  • Introduction to the Nymi band Core Concepts explains the Nymi band from the consumer perspective, including example use cases
  • SDK Overview provides details of SDK components and development flow, including setting up development environments for different platforms. The Nymi SDK currently supports development for iOS, OSX, Windows and Android
  • The Nymi Security API focuses on NCL functionality related to security functions that can be used by NEAs
  • Getting Started with a Basic Program walks through the helloNymi example to get you started quickly

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